Systems Application & TechnologiesThomas R. (Tom) Edgar

Mr. Edgar is President of T. R. Edgar & Associates, a Consulting firm specializing in all aspects of Human Resources Management. The Firms primary mission is to help small to medium-sized companies increase their productivity and profitability through the more effective and efficient use of their principal resource human capital. A by-product of this mission is to educate management on the need to comply with the myriad labor laws to help avoid litigation and to provide a positive environment in which employees can thrive.

He is the principal author of a Career Progression Program that was copyrighted several years ago. This Program has been successfully implemented in over 50 companies throughout the United States, serving as a fundamental compensation system and, even more, the architecture of the entire Human Resources Program. Originally designed to meet the needs of the Professional Services/Government Contracting Industry, Mr. Edgar has made appropriate enhancements to ensure the Programs successful implementation in various industries, including non-profits and municipalities.

Prior to starting his own Consulting practice, Mr. Edgar spent over 25 years in the corporate world where he served as a senior manager and principal Human Resources executive for a major bank and for 3 professional services companies supporting the Federal Government, primarily DOD. During his tenure, each of these companies enjoyed dramatic growth and success. In one case, the company had a highly successful public offering then, later, it was sold. The other 2 companies were also sold, including one as a result of a hostile takeover attempt prior to the entrance of a white knight that completed the transaction. In each case, Mr. Edgar gained invaluable experience about the corporate world, particularly about the integration of diverse cultures and workforces.

Mr. Edgar is a Certified Compensation Professional, a designation granted by the American Compensation Association (World at Work). He also maintains active membership in the Washington Technical Professional Forum (WTPF), the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), the Washington Area Compensation and Benefits Association (WACABA), and the Human Resources Leadership Forum (HRLF).

Mr. Edgar earned an undergraduate degree from Boston University and a graduate degree in Human Resources from Central Michigan University. He has also served as Adjunct Professor/Instructor at The American University, Marymount University, and Virginia Tech.

Several organizations have taken advantage of Mr. Edgars extensive experience and qualifications and have engaged him to serve on a Board of Advisors or as a consultant to the Compensation Committee of the Board.